Fred Thieler
1916 - 1999

"To be a painter means to me to lead the existence of a contemporary,
who spends the bulk of his life trying to the impulses of his life:
suggestions like depression,
Intuitions like calculating considerations,
To show reactions of single experiences like creating adventure chains -
or win in the painting process. "

(Fred Thieler)


Fred Thieler at Potsdamer Platz, 1982 / Fred Thieler in his studio, Foto: 1996
Foto: GLGabriel-Thieler


Wiedergefundenes Schwarz

"Rediscovered black”, Diptychon, 160 cm x 370 cm, Mixed media / canvas, 1975

RAI-86, 187x 450 cm, Mischt./LW, 1986

„RAI-86”, 187cm x 450 cm, Mixed media / canvas, 1986